Monday, September 24, 2018


The MAGIC of Success! - Zane Gray

This is all about leadership and how to incorporate real-world strategies into the business world. 

Coaching the Coach - Julie Lovendahl, IHG

Are you coaching to the number or to the behavior that will drive the number?

This session will talk about a different way to think about coaching and best practices that can be used to get your Coaches coaching on the behaviors that will drive results within your organization. 

3 Things You Need To Know to Get Social Care Right in 2019 - Kymberlaine Banks


Social customer care is no longer the new thing. It actually turned 10 in 2018? We've tried and tested numerous systems, processes and plans and learned that there's still no one-size-fits-all. Understanding the three key takeaways in this presentation will improve every social care program so you can make next year your best year.

Benchmark Survey & Topics that Matter!

Do you want to know the trends in other travel industry call centers?  This session will review the highlights of the latest IARE Benchmark survey and solicit input for next year''s survey and conference.  Only at the IARE Conference do attendees drive the content for future surveys and events.  Don't miss out on helping shape the future of IARE benefits and events!

Sponsor Showcase

Hack-a-thon How To & Results

Learn the tricks to a successful hack-a-thon and hear results from the Symposium hack-a-thon.

Drum Café South

Interactive drumming is an immersive experience. It teaches us to be aware of ourselves, our own contribution and our creative energy.

This is truly a case of unity through diversity. We create a one of a kind percussive orchestra that provides immediate feedback to the participants. As they interact and shape the soundscape with their own input, they become aware of their own value to the organization as a whole. It’s a practical demonstration of unity and movement toward a common cause that relaxes, motivates, and unites.




Tuesday, September 25, 2018

So, You Really Like Working With People:  Five Principals of Hospitality Excellence, Kennedy Training Network - Doug Kennedy

Doug Kennedy is an industry expert on sales and service in the hospitality industry.  He’ll share the key ingredients to ensuring business success in our industry!

Networking Forums:  Large (100 or more associates) or Small (less than 100 associates)

Which session will you attend and which is your co-worker attending?   Attendees choose a session based on the size of their department or team.  During these discussion topics will range from WFM strategies, recruiting and retention, incentives, KPI measures and more.

The Future of Guest Care: How AI, Omnichannel and Personalization will Lead to Better Experiences – Jay Wolcott, Interactions
Today’s guests expect seamless, personalized customer care at every point that they interact with your brand. But providing that experience for your customers can be challenging, and it’s difficult to know where to start. With advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can leverage technologies that create truly omnichannel, personalized and consistent experiences. Omnichannel solutions enable customers to switch easily between channels and pick up where they left off, without ever having to repeat themselves.

Join us for an interactive workshop where we will explore best practices in guest care and technologies that can improve both agent efficiency and customer experiences.

Customer Experience Management: The Importance of Journey Mapping

John Donaldson, Intelenet Global, Scott Quigley, Apple Leisure Group & Noam Roth, Holland America

Whether for business or leisure, travel is a unique and complex endeavor, consisting of multiple processes, usually delivered by multiple providers. To excel in today’s market, travel companies must understand and enhance each step along their customers’ journey to provide the best possible service.

This panel discussion will explore best practices among leading travel providers. Questions to be addressed include how to define and map the steps a typical traveler takes, from research and booking, through travel, transfers and post-travel engagement; what has been done to better address issues that arise along each step; and how do you manage customer feedback, both positive and negative.

Innovation Lab

Don’t miss this unique session!  Journey to new ideas and horizons. We will take a short stroll to a place where ideas are born and become reality.



Wednesday, September 28, 2018

Attract, Lead, & Retain Millennials & Generation Z: Proven Next-Generation Strategies to Enhance Performance and Engagement – Ryan Jenkins

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. While they bring valuable skills, insights, and ambition to the workplace, they are often a source for tension among experienced leaders and managers. Ryan shares relevant data and innovative insights to better understand what drives Millennial employee performance. This program provides tactical strategies to dramatically improve the managing, recruiting, retention, and engagement of your Millennial and Generation Z employees. 



  • Insights into Millennial and Generation Z employee values, behaviors, motivators, and expectations
  • Perspectives of the key workplace and leadership preferences of Millennials and Generation Z
  • Strategies that are proven and actionable to lead, retain, recruit, and engage the next generation
  • Techniques for communicating and connecting with a remote workforce
  • Best-in-class examples of organizations and leaders successfully leading and engaging the emerging generations
  • Ability to lead, retain, recruit, and engage Millennials and Generation Z

Engaging A Virtual Workforce – panel discussion facilitated by Ryan Jenkins

This interactive session gives attendees the opportunity to learn about and ask questions from the panelists and other attendees about their virtual worker program.  Panelists include:  Chris Wirth – Hyatt Hotels, Roy Quenneville – Best Western Hotels, Paulette Hawkins – Omni Hotels, Andy Bishop - ThinPig

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