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The Travel Contact Center industry is a diverse industry -- diverse in every way, including the size of centers and firms, and in the way centers are affiliated. Centers range from very small staff operations to mega centers with up to 1,000 employees. In addition, firms may consist of a single small center in one location, to multiple centers of various sizes throughout the world.

To accommodate this diversity, the IARE has two membership categories: 

1 - A Principal Member is a company that provides travel/hospitality contact center services to the public through telephonic or electronic contact and whose intent for membership is to expand knowledge related to contact center operations. Each contact center location is considered a Principal Member and is entitled to vote on behalf of the contact center location. One person, who is a full-time employee of the Principal Member and who is actively engaged on a daily basis in the management or technical supervision of that organization’s contact center location, shall be designated as the Principal Representative for that contact center location.  For a single location membership, the annual fee for a site with 100 employees or more in the contact center is $500 and the fee for a company with less than 100 employees is $300.  For organizations with multiple contact centers wishing to hold one membership for all locations the annual fee is $800.

 Click here for the Principal Membership Application.

2 - An Allied Member is defined as a company that provides goods or services or is otherwise related to the travel/hospitality industry or its contact centers but does not qualify for membership as a Principal Member. Each Allied Member shall designate one person, the Allied Representative, as the primary contact.  The annual membership fee for an Allied Member company is $500.

 Click here for the Allied Membership Application.



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