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Workplace Mental Health Awareness

August 18, 2021 @ 1 pm CT


Elizabeth Eldridge, Canadian-based Psychological Heath and safety Consultant and training
facilitator, will lead this session.  Having your team members understand the basics of mental
health, its implications in the workplace and the skills to support a co-worker who might be
struggling is an investment with an impressive R.O.I. 

Topics included in this session:

  • What exactly is mental health, and how is it relevant in the workplace?
  • Barriers to mental wellness, including stigma, lack of access/awareness to appropriate resources
  • Understanding depression and anxiety, the most common mental health problems
  • How to recognize possible signs of distress in a co-worker
  • Conversation Navigation: practical tools for talking about mental health and providing effective support


                                        More about Elizabeth Eldridge

Elizabeth leads organizations from diverse industries in the adoption of policies and
practices that optimize psychological health and safety, in turn boosting productivity, reducing
absenteeism and improving employee engagement, retention and workplace culture.  She
founded Arpeggio Health Services in 2012, which has since grown into one of the country’s
largest providers of programs like Mental Health First Aid. In addition to holding certification as
an instructor for several standardized mental health programs she has developed original
workshops on mental health awareness, workplace wellness and resilience.








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